John Anderson support our Event Toilet Hire with a full tanker service. We empty toilets and septic tanks throughout your event to ensure services and facilities are always available, day or night, until the very last person leaves.

Liquid Waste Removal

Waste removal is a highly regulated operation, so here at John Anderson Hire Ltd we ensure that all our tankers meet the latest regulations and the liquid is disposed in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

To ensure we provide the most comprehensive portable toilet service for events both large and small, each of our tankers is equipped to:

  • Remove waste liquid
  • Refill clean water for handwashing welfare blocks

Our dedicated team are available to empty and maintain the toilets and septic tanks for the duration of your event to ensure the toilet facilities are always clean and available throughout the day or night.

If you would like any further information about which toilet facilities would best suit your event or would like us to provide a quote, please fill in the form below.

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