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Portfolio Urinal

Contemporary Urinal

A large sized modern Urinal Toilet Unit with or without vanity area. Perfect for large public and hospitality functions where large numbers of urinals are required.

Portfolio Urinal Toilet Unit Specifications:
Gents 16 Urinals and Vanity Basin or 18 Urinals
Length 20' Unit + 4'6" Towbar - Footprint 24'6" (7.47m)
Width 8' Unit - Footprint 10'10" (3.30m)
Height 9'6" (2.74m)

The Portfolio Urinal unit incorporates a holding tank for waste and requires a permanent connection to a mains or generated electrical power supply and water via a hose pipe. The unit comprises 16 or 18 urinals. The 16 bay has a triple vanity area whilst the 18 bay utilises hand gel systems as an alternative to sinks.

  • Available in gloss white finish with optional oak vanity unit. 
  • The unit is finished to a high standard throughout. 
  • The Portfolio Urinal is suitable for large numbers of guests.
  • Power is required to operate pumps, lighting and hot water and heating where specified.
  • The unit is supplied with all consumables which includes toilet tissue, hand towels, soaps and air fresheners.
  • Consumable upgrade options are available.

*The images and specification above are a representation of the unit. The unit hired may vary slightly

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